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Getting a job allows you to add new capabilities and experience to your resume. It will let you identify what jobs you’re inquisitive about and outline your profession direction. Look at the most common jobs in the USA to see which jobs help you construct connections that may function as references later for your profession.

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Most common jobs in America that you can apply for:

  • Cashier: National average salary: $29,297 per year
  • Food preparation worker: National average salary: $31,542 per year
  • Stocking associate: National average salary: $36,501 per year
  • Laborer: National average salary: $39,539 per year
  • Janitor: National average salary: $39,584 per year
  • Construction worker: National average salary: $38,823 per year
  • Bookkeeper: National average salary: $42,746 per year
  • Server: National average salary: $45,091 per year, plus $100 in tips per day
  • Medical assistant: National average salary: $46,462 per year
  • Bartender: National average salary: $48,092 per year, plus $150 in tips per day
  • Police officer: National average salary: $55,334 per year
  • Electrician: National average salary: $56,953 per year
  • Mechanic: National average salary: $57,110 per year
  • Carpenter: National average salary: $61,291 per year
  • Line supervisor: National average salary: $68,397 per year
  • Truck Driver: National average salary: $69,149 per year
  • Registered nurse: National average salary: $88,820 per year
  • Software developer: National average salary: $93,948 per year
  • Lawyer: National median salary: $127,990 per year
  • Operations manager: National average salary: $67,185 per year

Application Process for a Job in the US

Step 1: An individual can search for jobs on indeed, Monster, CareerBoard and USA Jobs
Step 2: research intensively about the company they’re interested in and apprehend what they stand for

Step 3: Create a cover letter that states one’s motive behind the application. This should convey to the organization an individual’s ardor and produce their communication skills to the leading edge

Step 4: An individual’s resume should be catered for the company to which one is applying. ensure that they meet the said activity description

Moreover, many Indian groups have branches installed within the USA, so one should speak with the management concerning this.

Websites for Specialized Job Hunting

There are a few web sites which assist one to locate specialized jobs that are indexed down for less difficult understanding:

  • Sales-,, sales Gravy
  • Tech- Dice, Stack, Overflow, GitHub
  • Design- Behance, Dribbble, Carbonmade, Coroflot
  • Hospitality-, Hospitality online, LinkUp

Placement Organizations

Here some organizations that can aid individuals with placement in the USA:  Kelly, Robert Half, TrueBlue, Aerotek, Adecco, EmployBridge, Kforce, Randstad, Manpower

Top jobs in the USA for Indians

Health Care Workers: Average salary: $208,000

Healthcare is the industry with the quickest growth in the American financial system. It employs close to 18 million people. nearly 80% of healthcare personnel are female. Healthcare people are anyone who gives aid to the ill and injured, whether they achieve this at once as docs or nurses or inadvertently as aides, helpers, lab technicians, or maybe those who deal with medical waste. Worldwide, there are approximately 59 million healthcare professionals.

Nurse practitioners: Average salary: $183,580

Nurse practitioners (NPs) have provided primary, urgent, and specialized healthcare to sufferers of every age and socioeconomic backgrounds for nearly 50 years. NPs also perform affected person examinations similarly to evaluating sufferers, ordering and decoding diagnostic checks, establishing diagnoses, and beginning and supervising treatment plans, which includes the prescription of drug treatments. extra than 1.06 billion visits are made to NPs annually inside the US, making them a famous preference for sufferers.

Software Developer: Average earnings: $103,560

Software developers use various technologies and capabilities to design software, create, install, and control software. Moreover, they contribute to developing software structures that energy gadgets and networks and keep the functionality of those systems. Assembly with customers to check the necessities for a software solution may also be part of their job, on the way to aid in designing the finished product.

Front-end engineer: Average salary: $105,240

The front-end engineers plan, design, build, and implement user interface structures for websites, software, and internet-based applications. Their major goal is to offer clients a satisfying experience free from issues, errors, and downtime. They create and enhance structures, take part in checking out and troubleshooting, and deal with issues like browser compatibility and accessibility. Adapting equipment and structures to fit diverse utilization circumstances typically serves as a bridge between users and backend developers.

Finance manager: Average salary: 120,644

Finance managers are in charge of the overall economic sustainability of a company. They perform in numerous corporations, preparing economic reviews, managing funding operations, and developing techniques and plans for his or her organization’s long-term economic desires.

Data scientist: Average salary: $107,801

A new technology of analytical data specialists known as “data scientists” has currently emerged with a vital role in corporations. They’re a set of mathematicians and computer scientists who are leaders inside the big data subject. Large volumes of unstructured records are a virtual gold mine that, while uncovered, can enhance sales, but corporations nowadays are having difficulty making sense of it. But organizations require experts who can delve deep into and glean valuable commercial enterprise insights at the same time as separating the gold from the unnecessary dross. That’s what facts scientists do, that’s why they’re rather sought-after and well-paid.

Physical therapist: Average salary: $71,483

Physical therapists help patients in coping with their pain and improving their mobility. PTs use various strategies to help their patients, such as hands-on therapy, stretching and strengthening sports, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, ice/warmth remedy, and many others.

Patients with returned and neck injuries, fractures, neurological diseases, and sports- or work-associated injuries, among other situations, are handled by using bodily therapists. The affected person’s damage and the treatments the physical therapist selects rely on them.

Social Media Strategist: Average salary: $110,080

Social media strategists create high-quality content material for their agency’s social media structures, inclusive of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They become aware of target audiences and plan posts in advance to maximize social media publicity. in addition, they keep up with the ultra-modern social media traits.

As a social media strategist, you’ll use social media systems to sell the employer’s brand and lift client awareness. Multitasking is crucial in this role because you may be chargeable for handling multiple social media debts.

Business development manager: Average salary: $78,480

Business development managers play an essential role in an organization’s achievement. These experts generate new income leads, negotiate customer pricing, and forecast income revenue to help one of the most crucial business development manager duties: helping organizations in maximizing profits.

Business development managers ought to examine modern income overall performance and identify opportunities for an enterprise to make bigger and develop. As an end result, this profession is good for self-encouraged, intention-orientated, and commission-driven humans.

Easy Steps to Get a Job in USA With Indian Degree

  1. Make a list
  2. Post your resume
  3. Look for a perfect job role
  4. Wait for the employer’s response
  5. Schedule virtual interview
  6. Prepare well
  7. Be confident
  8. Wait for the response

You can get a job in the USA with an Indian degree if you have educational qualifications and specifications as per the requirements of the company.





































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